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Pilot Says He Didn't Know Anyone Watched YouTube



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    Chris Liu speaking to KCRA.

    Just because a man can tame 900,000 pounds of steel and post a video to YouTube, doesn't mean he actually knows what true power is.

    A pilot who posted videos to the popular Internet-sharing site critical of security at San Francisco International Airport says he didn't know that people actually watched YouTube.

    "There have been numerous articles written about this security problem, and I just wanted to address it," Chris Liutold the Associated Press. "I didn't really think that anybody was watching YouTube, so I didn't really think much of it."

    The 50-year-old pilot caused international uproar when he posted six videos to YouTube showing security lapses in the security at SFO. The videos were picked up by news outlets like Fox News ahead of the Christmas travel weekend and looped over and over.

    Tuesday Liu came forwarded and took ownership of the videos and appeared with his lawyer at Sacramento International Airport..

    The Transportation Security Administrationis investigating Liu to see whether he exposed sensitive information. The Colfax-resident defended his actions by saying he had no idea people were actually watching his cell phone videos.

    Liu was once part of an FAA program that allowed some pilots to carry a gun on a plane. But he has since lost that right. He works for American Airlines.