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Pink Confetti, the New Cream Pie

Code Pink has found a new way to get attention in their favorite color.



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    Being showered with shredded paper products is certainly cleaner than getting pie in the face.

    Former Minnesota governor and current presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty got a very unwelcome greeting during an appearance in San Francisco Thursday.

    Pawlenty was showered with pink confetti as he participated in a health insurance convention in the City.

    Members of Code Pink, pretending to want a copy of his new book , scattered plastic bags of confetti in his general direction.

    The pink shower came with the chant, "Where is your courage to stand for gay rights and reproductive rights."  And, "Welcome to San Francisco; home of gay hero Harvey Milk."

    The protesters were quickly whisked away, but they are sure to be calling the protest a success because they were able to get a video clip up on YouTube within a matter of hours. 

    Pawlenty is not the first presidential candidate to get attacked with paper products and he surely won't be the last. Newt Gingrich was struck by a glitter attack, about a month ago in Minneapolis.