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Bay Bridge Bike Path Tab: $550 Million

A Bay Bridge bike path could cost $550 million or more.



    Bay Bridge Bike Path Tab: $550 Million
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    What a view! But maybe not for cyclists.

    To ride a bicycle across the new Bay Bridge will require bicycle paths -- and there is one... on the coming eastern span of the new bridge.

    Building a bike lane on the iconic western span betweeen San Francisco and Yerba Buena Island could prove trickier, if not financially unfeasible.

    There's finally a plan for such a path, according to the San Francisco Examiner, but no way to pay for the "hundreds of millions of dollars price tag" as of yet.

    In 2001, the estimate was between $300-350 million, but the latest documents show it could cost as much as $550 million now.

    The Bay Area Toll Authority will unveil several possibilities at a meeting tonight, including bike trails around Yerba Buena Island with bus or other connectors to San Francisco, and one possibility with a for-real bike path on the bridge.

    There's a hitch, however: the price tage is an estimated $550 million, according to the newspaper, and no funding sources have been identified.

    Can we say, "$20 bike toll"?