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Planned Parenthood: Protesters Are Plaguing Us

"Harassment and intimidation" of patients and staff routine in Mission.



    Planned Parenthood: Protesters Are Plaguing Us
    Stephanie Chuang
    Protesters are ignoring the buffer zone at the Planned Parenthood location in the Mission.

    A gauntlet of protesters meets women entering the Planned Parenthood location on Valencia Street in San Francisco's Mission District -- and the clinic isn't feeling it.

    Planned Parenthood has complained that San Francisco police and officials aren't doing enough to keep the protesters at bay, which is causing concern for the women entering the clinic, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Planned Parenthood locations are hotbeds for protests by anti-abortion activists, who see the organization's clinics as abortion factories.

    That's all right -- protesting is legal -- but there's supposed to be a 25-foot "buffer zone" that allows patients and workers to enter the clinic unmolested. And it's the buffer zone that's being ignored, according to the newspaper.

    Heather Saunders Estes, who heads up the Bay Area chapter of Planned Parenthood, wrote a letter to City Attorney Dennis Herrera that says city rules are being "violated ever more flagrantly," the newspaper reported.

    Protesters are ignoring the city's 25-foot buffer zone after a Supreme Court decision nullified the buffer zones in Massachusetts, the newspaper reported.