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Police Arrest Park Pipe Bomb Suspect



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    Police arrested a man Saturday suspected of making three pipe bombs placed in Newhall Park in Concord in late July, the Police Department  said.
    Timothy David Wilson, 31, allegedly had narcotics and bomb-making  paraphernalia at his home in the 5500 block of Montana Drive in Concord's Valley District when he was arrested, according to a police statement.

    Additional unspecified evidence in Wilson's home linked him to the pipe bombs, which were found in the park on July 21 and 23 and detonated by the Walnut Creek bomb squad.

    He was arrested as he was leaving his residence and was reportedly under the influence of a controlled substance.

    On July 23, police said a man spotted a cylinder-shaped device at about noon near Turtle Creek Road and brought it to a nearby park maintenance  area.

    The man put the device down on advisement of park employees and left to call the police. The Walnut Creek bomb squad came and detonated the  device.

    Bomb squad investigators determined the device was a pipe bomb. The fuse had been ignited, but it failed to detonate the bomb, Concord police  said.

    Two pipe bombs were also found in the park and detonated by Walnut Creek police on the afternoon of July 21.

    Wilson was arrested for possession of destructive devices, possession of the materials to make such devices, possession of a controlled substance, and for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

    He is being held at the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office Main Detention Facility in Martinez, according to Concord police.

    Anyone with information about the pipe bombs is asked to call the  Concord Police Department's detective bureau at (925) 671-3030.