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Stolen Car Eludes Police Chopper - From 1 Block Away



    Stolen Car Eludes Police Chopper - From 1 Block Away
    A deadly motorcycle crash closed Interstate 805 for the morning commute Monday.

    Despite searching Petaluma with police dogs and a helicopter, cops were unable to find a stolen car ... until it turned up just one block away, according to the Press Democrat.

    Cops say that Grant Dolcini carjacked a vehicle in broad daylight, then drove off. A massive search ensued, with no success. To be fair, searching for something from a helicopter must be like staring at a "Where's Waldo" drawing.

    But then, just a block from the scene of the crime, police finally located the car. Dolcini left some form of incriminating evidence inside, which led them to his house where he was arrested. There's no word on whether the police were able to find their way back to the police station.

    It was a relatively bloodless end to the story, but other car-related headlines of the day were much more gory.

    In San Francisco, a senior citizen was mowed down by construction equipment blasting through crosswalks. And in Mill Valley, a car crash sent an 80-year-old woman flying 80 feet into the air. Another hit-and-run on Market Street sent an unidentified man to the morgue.

    A drunk driver in Petaluma was trapped when he rolled his car over on top of himself, and a reckless driver in the Mission crashed a truck near Dolores Park, then decided that the best course of action was to simply hop out of their vehicle and run away. Another boozehound in Petaluma was caught driving erratically and shooting birds with a shotgun.

    And there was a spectacular crash on I-880, when a Kia driver slammed into a minivan, bursting into flames. In San Leandro, a separate crash killed the driver of a big-rig.

    About 700 feet of Highway 1 near Carmel is in the process of falling into the ocean, so drive carefully lest the road disappear from under your wheels.

    An Antioch teen was killed when his friend flipped a car, and a Brentwood cop suffered head wounds when he did the same.

    All in all, there's never been a better time to get behind the wheel.