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Police Lose Suspects in High-Speed Chase



    Police Lose Suspects in High-Speed Chase

    Fast times on local roadways have cops spinning their wheels in attempts to stop reckless drivers before more people die.

    Police in Concord were unable to catch a car thief who led them on a high-speed chase to Pittsburg. When officers saw the man driving a stolen minivan, the CHP tried to corner him on the highway. He eluded a spike strip, exited the freeway, and crashed into a pole, according to the CC Times.

    The thief fled the scene before officers arrived. Moments later, a nearby resident reported another car stolen, possibly by the same suspect making a second escape.

    Meanwhile, in Fremont, a motorcyclist going 120 mph caused a multi-car crash before escaping the scene. A CHP officer tried to stop the motorcyclist by following him through a red light. That's where the details get a little murky: a CHP car and another vehicle collided, but it's unclear who hit whom.

    The only one to escape completely unscathed was the motorcyclist, who vanished after the crash.

    And in Brentwood, a teenager was killed on a roadway known to be unsafe for pedestrians. He was walking along the road this weekend when he was hit by several vehicles.