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Police Officers Association Wants 49ers, Giants to Pay for Its Services



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    If the president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association has his way, the 49ers and the Giants would be responsible for keeping rowdy fans in check after games.

    Gary Delagnes, the president of the association, told the San Francisco Police Commission Wednesday that the City's police department cannot afford to send on-duty officers to patrol the games after they are over, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    Both teams currently pay for officers to roam the stadiums during games but after the contests are over, the officers are off the teams' clocks.

    Delagnes wants to see that change. He says with budget cuts impacting the department's resources, the City has to be more careful about how it distributes its resources.

    This is not the first time that the local sports teams have come under fire for using police services.

    During the 49ers run up to pass Measure J to help the team build a new stadium in Santa Clara, South Bay voters complained that the team had been getting free police escorts to and from stadiums and airports, at the cost of nearly $18,000 per individual trip coming out of Santa Clara's general fund.

    The pressure and the bad press forced the 49ers to announce that they would pay for the escorts.