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Police Pursue Stolen Vehicle From Vallejo

Suspect attempts to shake police with evasive manuevers



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    Timothy Morales, 32, of Vallejo led police in a car chase down State Interstate highways 80 and 780.

    A car chase that started in Contra Costa county this morning ended at interstate highways 80 and 780 in Vallejo, where shots were fired by the pursuing officers at the driver of a reported stolen car.

    The man in the 1995 Acura that was reported missing May 31 was identified as Timothy Morales, 32, of Vallejo, who refused to yield the car when he was pulled over for a traffic stop, according to the Vallejo Police Department.

    An alert was issued for the area at 12:11 p.m., and ramps connecting westbound I-80 to eastbound I-780 and westbound I-780 to eastbound I-80 were shut down, California Highway Patrol Sgt. John Carman said.

    Morales led officers from  California Highway Patrol and Contra Costa Sheriff's office on a several mile pursuit, with evasive maneuvers meant to shake officers from his tail, according to police. He then struck two Vallejo Police cars as he tried to escape, officers fired shots at him and then took him into custody with minor injuries, according to police.