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Port of Oakland on 24-Hour Strike

A one-day strike is called by SEIU 1021 workers at the Port of Oakland.



    Port of Oakland on 24-Hour Strike
    Jodi Hernandez
    The Port of Oakland has workers on a 24-hour strike.

    The ships are in harbor and the goods are on the docks, but nothing's happening. Or at least nothing's being done by the SEIU Local 1021 workers at the Port of Oakland, because they're on strike.

    Picket lines will be held by the purple-shirted workers at both the Port and Oakland International Airport Monday, according to reports. The workers are upset over "unfair labor practices," according to a news release, and are worked up as well about executives' mismanagement of money, they say.
    "Despite a $37 million surplus, they want to impose a 15-percent wage and benefit cut on workers," the union said this morning, according to SF Weekly.
    Port officials are assessing how operations will be affected, but stress that all is normal at the airport despite the unhappy workers.
    A noon rally will be followed by picket lines from 4 p.m. on, according to reports.