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Post Office Bomb Scare Most Bizarre Ever

Unusual fitness routine blamed for large scale bomb squad activity in San Jose.



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    The source of a bomb scare at San Jose's main post office turned out to be quite an interesting character.

    The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that the man seen wearing a mask and stuffing an over-sized package in a mailbox outside the Lundy Avenue station Tuesday afternoon was simply  out on a jog.

    For some bizarre and unknown reason the jogger choose to go out for that run wearing a gas mask and body armor.  "The guy said he was wearing a cardio mask," San Jose police Sgt. Jason Dwyer told the paper. "It was his cardio day, and he was trying to lose weight."

    As you can see in the photo below, it would be a bit disturbing to see a person in this outfit put something in a public mailbox.

    The man told the paper that he has been on a weight loss program called CrossFit which requires him to wear the get-up. He said he was trying to return a package that had that had been delivered to his home by mistake. 

    He won't face charges, according to police.

    The incident forced a full scale bomb squad response and the evacuation and closure of the busy post office.

    The said package was isolated and destroyed. No other mail in the mailbox was damaged, according to the post office.

    Bay City New notes that Gus Ruiz, who has been the spokesman for the post office since 1984, said Tuesday's scare was the first under his watch.

    We're betting even if Gus works there another 27 years, he won't come across another case like this one.