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Pot Fudge Sunday Anyone?

A Santa Cruz County cannabis dispensary is making a name for itself for offering pot flavored ice creams



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    They are sold by the scoop, but they certainly could be scooped once at home.

    Instead of smoking a bowl, now patients in need of medical marijuana can have a bowl, of sweet pot-infused ice cream.

    We first told you about the Creme De Cana dispensary in Soquel last month when the dispensary opened.

    Owner Jonathon Kolodinski said he wanted to give people a non-smoking option. 

    Kolodinski started out with three flavors: Banannabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and Triple Chocolate Brownie.   There are more flavors in the works, but the folks at Creme De Cana say they are all "in production" and not yet ready for release.

    Each half pint costs $15. There is about four doses of pot in each, which is fairly potent when you think about marijuana levels per spoonful.

    People who have tried it say they can't taste the marijuana, but they can feel its effects.

    The shop has only been open for about five weeks.  They say that the ice cream is the most popular items by far.

    Of course, only card-carrying marijuana patients can buy or try it.