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President Obama Stops By Reddit

The President answered questions from the community Wednesday for about 30 minutes.



    President Obama Stops By Reddit
    President Obama answering questions from the Reddit community, Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2012.

    The President is clearly going after a specific demographic for this year's election. With his Google Plus hangouts and Twitter town halls, the Commander in Chief is no stranger to social media.

    But Wednesday he went straight into an area few will talk about in civilized conversation -- REDDIT!

    President Obama logged into the sometimes controversial bulletin board site for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) engagement with the Reddit community.

    Obama fielded questions starting at 4:30 p.m. ET, Wednesday, as part of his campaign stop in Charlottesville, VA.

    He had tweeted earlier that he was going to be doing the AMA, and has been verified by Reddit.

    The President answered questions about the space program,  the election, the economy as well as who his favorite basketball player is (it's Jordan, by the way) and he let us all know that the recipe for the White House beer will be out soon.

    Redditor 'gobearss' asked how he balances his family life and hobbies with being president.

    The President responded and also threw in his opinion of Reddit:

    "It's hard - truthfully the main thing other than work is just making sure that I'm spending enough time with michelle and the girls. The big advantage I have is that I live above the store - so I have no commute! So we make sure that when I'm in DC I never miss dinner with them at 6:30 pm - even if I have to go back down to the Oval for work later in the evening. I do work out every morning as well, and try to get a basketball or golf game in on the weekends just to get out of the bubble. Speaking of balance, though, I need to get going so I'm back in DC in time for dinner. But I want to thank everybody at reddit for participating - this is an example of how technology and the internet can empower the sorts of conversations that strengthen our democracy over the long run. AND REMEMBER TO VOTE IN NOVEMBER - if you need to know how to register, go to By the way, if you want to know what I think about this whole reddit experience - NOT BAD!"

    Mr. Obama is by far the highest profile person to do an AMA on Reddit's pages, but others include, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel.

    To read the thousands of posts and President Obama's answers, head over to Reddit.