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President Obama Wants More Money For Tech Teachers

The President Is Promoting The STEM Program



    Education in Crisis

    Education is in crisis all across the nation, and President Obama thinks the solution is to pay certain teachers more than others. Cheryl Hurd reports. (Published Wednesday, July 18, 2012)

    Students have to compete or be left behind.

    President Obama knows that.

    That's why he is pushing a plan to recognize and reward teachers who have dedicated themselves to science, technology, engineering and math.  A program commonly known as STEM.

    Muhammed Chaudhry is the president and CEO of the Silicon Valley Education Foundation.

    "We know there's a challenge between acquiring teachers because they compete against industry.  They can be an engineer at a big company like Cisco or they can be a teacher," Chaudhry said.

    The program will begin with 50 exceptional STEM teachers in 50 locations.  It will expand over four years to reach ten thousand master teachers who will be paid up to $20,000 over their base salary.