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Pride May Get a Little More Modest



    Pride May Get a Little More Modest
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    Blackhawk fans show their pride, and expectations, at Sunday's win over the Red Wings.

    The new slogan of SF Gay Pride may be something like, "We're here, we're queer, now if you'll excuse us we'll be on our way."

    The expensive and financially beleaguered event is considering significant downsizing next year, from reducing the footprint of the party to cutting it down to just one day according to the Bay Area Reporter.

    Money is just one factor. Police are also concerned about the potential for violence and crowd-control problems. During last year's Pride weekend, one person was fatally shot, and footage of a large fight circulated online.

    Dealing with the frequent police and ambulance calls takes a strain on the city.

    For this year at least, Pride is safe. It'll be on June 25 and 26. But one suggestion being circulated is that Pride and Pink Saturday join forces.

    Pride currently takes place in Civic Center, far from the city's actual gay epicenter and isolated from any other services or attractions.

    In addition to the safety issues, Pride continues to struggle to maintain good relations with its community partners who have been slow to receive promised funds. The organization currently faces a debt of $200,000.