San Mateo Man Who Carved Gang Sign on Woman Gets 11-Year Sentence - NBC Bay Area

San Mateo Man Who Carved Gang Sign on Woman Gets 11-Year Sentence

A 22-year old gang member receives 11 years in prison for vicious act.



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    A Norteño gang member receives 11 years for carving a gang symbol into his ex-girfriend's arm.

    A "jealous San Mateo thug" will serve 11 years in state prison for carving the name of his gang in the flesh of his ex-girlfriend's forearm and stabbing another man he thought was her new boyfriend, according to reports.

    Victor Javier Enriquez, 22, pleaded no contest to charges stemming from the attacks that occured on Sept. 24 and Sept. 28 of last year, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

    Enriquez, a Norteño, went to his ex-lover's workplace and carved an "XIV" into her arm, the newspaper reported. XIV is Roman numerals for 14, and the 14th letter of the alphabet is N, which stands for the gang, the newspaper reported.

    After he carved into the woman, he stabbed a friend of his in the shoulder, triceps, torso, thigh, and knee, the newspaper reported. The friend, who he thought was his ex-lover's new man, declined to "identify the gangster to police," the newspaper reporteed.

    Enriquez was on probation for felony drug sales at the time of the attacks.