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Pro-Palin Posters Pop Up in SF



    Pro-Palin Posters Pop Up in SF

    After the assassination attempt of Rep. Gabrielle Gifford and the mass and attempted murders of bystanders in Tucson, Ariz., some of the talk-show focus fell on Sarah Palin, her rhetoric and the Tea Party in general.

    In response, anti-Palin posters appeared in San Francisco on a wall in Hayes Valley.

    Now, two weeks later, pro-Palin posters have been placed over the anti ones, showing Palin in a more positive light -- looking skyward, with a sunburst behind her smiling face. 

    A supporter, going by the handle "Palinpatriot" wrote to to share a picture of his/her creative deed.

    In the accompanying post, Palinpatriot writes:

    Then I decided to respond in a different way. A more positive way. In a way that would really neutralize those who put the posters up. I wanted to really screw with their heads.  A supportive poster of Sarah Palin in San Francisco?? Yes! That was the best way to respond!  It would make people really scractch their heads. They would be complete puzzled by it.

    The email to Hillbuzz claims poster-er got up "at the crack of dawn" to deface the defacing of what would otherwise be just another serene brick wall in the city.

    HillBuzz responded to the posting in an encouraging manner, including, "Just imagine if an entire coast to coast network of conservative artists forms and joins together in creating interesting projects like yours in San Francisco. Republicans have never organized anything like this.  Conservatives have just ceded creative grounds to the Left."

    Keeping it creative would be a much better discourse than simply keeping it vitriolic.

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