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Profitability Questioned in SJ Baseball Plan

City-commissioned report says yes, observers say no



    Profitability Questioned in SJ Baseball Plan
    If a ballpark is built, this is one area that would benefit no matter who does the study.

    South Bay cities, not content wooing San Francisco's football team down 101, also have eyes on figuring out how to convince the Oakland A's to pack up and drive down 880.

    So San Jose commissioned a report on the economic impact of a new stadium for the Athletics, and the report says it would be an economic boon.

    However, one independent analyst called the estimate of $2.9 billion in ballpark-generated spending over the next three decades "wildly optimistic."

    On top of that, while the building itself would be financed by the team, the city is on the hook for the land.  Three additional parcels will need to be purchased for as much as $42 million, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    The Marin IJ spoke to sports economists who said city's analysis is overly optimistic on the projected number of jobs the stadium would bring.

    Major League Baseball has territorial rights in place that say Santa Clara is San Francisco Giants country, and unless that changes, the A's have to stay where they are.

    Plus, you know, it's the A's -- not exactly the class of the American League West right now.

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