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Prolific DUI Offender Sentenced For Killing Child



    Prolific DUI Offender Sentenced For Killing Child
    Marin IJ
    Edward Schaefer: drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk. During his arraignment Tuesday he gave a middle-finger salute to prosecutors

     A man with nine prior DUI convictions was sentenced to 24 years to life in prison this afternoon for an alleged drunken driving motorcycle crash  that killed a 9-year-old girl and maimed her father in a Novato crosswalk last year.

      Edward Schaefer, 44, of Novato, apologized to the family at his  sentencing in Marin County Superior Court today, stating that he was "devastated" when he realized what he had done as the effects of morphine wore off four days after the May 27, 2009, crash.
    "I am sorry, very sorry, and ashamed," Schaefer said. "I hope the  Osheroff family will find peace and healing and I will trust God to accept my  apology as sincere."
    Melody Osheroff was killed and her father Aaron Osheroff, now 42, lost his right leg when Schaefer struck them with his Harley Davidson  motorcycle in a crosswalk on San Marin Drive at San Carlos Way at about 9  p.m.
    Two cars had stopped for the Osheroffs, blocking their view of the  motorcycle, which Schaeffer drove between the two cars at an estimated 60 mph.
    Today, he was sentenced by Judge Terrence R. Boren to 15 years to  life for second-degree murder, eight years for mayhem and a one-year enhancement for having served a prior prison term.
    Deputy District Attorney Geoff Ida said Schaefer has six felony and 23 misdemeanor convictions, including nine prior DUI convictions dating back to when he was 17.