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Proof Californians Love Birds



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    DAVIS, Calif. -- A young red-tailed hawk that was stuck and then rescued from a car grill will be released into the wild Wednesday.

    The driver, who struck the bird in rural Yolo County, rushed to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine on Jan. 6 with the hawk still stuck in the car's grill, according to spokeswoman Lynn Narlesky.


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    Veterinarians said the hawk's head and talons were caught in the grill, and they used a screwdriver on a pocket tool to remove the grill off the vehicle to save the bird.

    "A thorough exam found no bones had been broken during the hawk's accident, and its neurological function was good. The hawk did suffer a chest injury, which surgeons repaired the next day," according to a news release from UC Davis.

    The hawk has been OK to fly for several days, but veterinarians have held off on releasing the birds because of stormy weather.


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