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Prop 19 Defeat Won't Stop Medi-Pot Industry



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    The failure of Prop 19 is not stopping the growth of the medical marijuana industry.

    The recreational use of marijuana took a hit with the defeat of Proposition 19 on Nov. 2, but the medical marijuana industry proved this weekend it is still on a growth spurt.

    The Cannabis Training University brought it's classes on medical pot to the city of Sacramento for the first time this weekend. People who attend get an education in the ins and outs of the industry.

    "There are couples just trying to get into the industry because they're struggling in the recession. There are other people who are advocates, and there are other people just interested in the business aspect of it because they see people making money," CTU student Michael Green told KCRA.

    The cannabis industry generates millions of dollars in tax revenue and has created thousands of new jobs in California.

    "The more we know about medical cannabis, the more we know about what is appropriate, what isn't appropriate, the better we can start growing this industry in an appropriate manner," Green said.
    CTU teacher Jeffrey Zorn said the classes people how to grow pot, how to start their own business and how the current law impacts the pot business.

    California is one of 15 states that allows the use of medical marijuana. Universities like CTU not only inspire budding entrepreneurs but also those who are on the receiving end.

    "I have six plants growing and they're for my personal use, and so I just want to be protected," student Tan Haenisch told KCRA.

    Haenisch is one of thousands of people who have taken similar classes around the country, looking for a niche in a budding industry.