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Proposal Calls for UC Schools to Govern Themselves

Under Berkeley plan, schools would set tuition and control a series of other powers currently reserved for the regents.



    Proposal Calls for UC Schools to Govern Themselves
    UC Berkeley
    UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau seen here in front of the campus.

    A new proposal calls for schools in the University of California system to govern themselves, including setting tuition costs.

    UC Berkeley's Center for Studies in Higher Education released a proposal this week that says the structure of the university system has inadvertently costs the schools opportunities, according to The Los Angeles Times.

    Under the plan, each school in the system would be allowed to set tuition costs, control some investments, limit the number of out-of-state students allowed on campus and the approval of construction projects.

    The plan would still keep the Central Board of Regents in place. The central power would maintain power over admission standards, policy matters and negotiating union contracts for all 10 campuses in the system.

    The current UC structure has come under some debate recently.

    In January, UC San Francisco Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann hinted that her school was interested in developing a new structure for member schools.

    She said her school is sending more money to the UC system than it's getting back in benefits.