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Prostitute Leaves Babies in Car: OPD



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    Jill McVay was arrested for alleged prostitution, but the reason she is in the news is because police said she left her twins strapped in car seats while she turned tricks.

    Oakland police said they arrested a suspected prostitute who left her babies in a car while she worked.

    The Oakland Tribune said the 25-year-old woman identified as Jill McVay was arrested Wednesday afternoon during a sting operation in Oakland.

    Police said the woman was seen loitering near a dirty Oldsmobile, agreed to be paid for sex and got into the car of an undercover officer.

    Sgt. Roland Holmgren said other officers stopped the vehicle a few blocks away and it was only then that she said her 1-year-old boy and girl were back in her car. The babies were found sleeping in car seats. Officer fed them first and then turned them over to child welfare officials.

    Holmgren said the woman said she needed money to get home to Stockton and asked: "What else am I supposed to do?'" He said she showed no remorse at all.

    Holmgren told the paper he had never seen anything like this before. "Even for the toughest cop, this would touch a place in (their) heart."