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SFSU Building Takeover Fail



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    The men were wearing masks and gloves and one of them was armed with a knife.

    Police arrested two people Wednesday morning after protesters apparently attempted to take over a building on the San Francisco State University campus.

    University spokeswoman Ellen Griffin said custodial staff called  police at about 4 a.m. to report that a group of people had broken into the  Cesar Chavez Student Center.

    Officers responded and found about 19 protesters at the building.  They took two into custody and the others scattered, Griffin said.

    "The persons who dispersed were protesting and chanting outside of  the building for a short period of time," Griffen said, "but that dispersed as well."

    She said she had heard the group may have been protesting  disciplinary actions against demonstrators involved in the takeover of a  building on campus in December. Early reports that a window had been broken were false. An inspection of the building has so far revealed no  damage, Griffen said.