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SF Man Acquitted of Indecent Exposure

A man caught with his pants down was peeing, not flashing.



    SF Man Acquitted of Indecent Exposure

    A homeless San Francisco man was acquitted of indecent exposure last month after a jury agreed he was peeing, not flashing.

    Miguel Hernandez, 38, was arrested and charged with sex crimes after he was caught peeing near a soccer field in the Mission District, according to the San Francisco Public Defender. He was watching a soccer game after he'd urinated -- and was spotted by a mother with her 4-year old child.

    The mother called police, who arrested Hernandez as he watched the game. She said he had an "erection" at the time, and swung his hips in her direction, according to testimony.

    He was acquitted on Oct. 21, according to Public Defender Jeff Adachi, who noted that Hernandez was arrested based on the testimony of the lone witness.