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Pug Proof: It IS Easy Being Green



    Pug Proof: It IS Easy Being Green
    Puglet proves how easy it is to recycle.

    Here's an Earth Day story that will make you smile and prove that it's easy being green everyday, no matter what species you might be.

    A San Francisco pug named Puglet is a YouTube superstar and a 4-legged role model after his "human," Amanda Bradshaw, made a video to show how simple it is to recycle. Bradshaw, a dog photographer, told us she made the video for Puglet's Earth Day blog as part of his campaign to help recycle dogs.

    "First it started out just as recycling." Bradshaw said. "He got that so fast that it turned into a whole big long three-minute video just to prove how easy green can be."  

    Puglet has done several still pictures and he's very food motivated, so picking up on the commands for the video was a snap. But video is a new medium for Puglet, so it took a couple days to make the whole thing.

    The clip shows Puglet sorting his recyclables, riding public transportation and shopping for energy-efficient light bulbs at Home Depot. The hardest part wasn't getting Puglet to do any of the tasks, Bradshaw said, but keeping him from snacking on the message. In the part that encourages eating less meat, Puglet kept eating the veggies.

    The adorable little star doesn't just practice recycling, he's also a recycled item, of sorts.

    "He was a little guy that came as a foster and never left. So he was recycled as 6-month-old." Bradshaw said. "He wants everybody to know you don't need to start as a brand new little puppy to get a good dog."

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