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Quadriplegic's Van, Wheelchair Returned

Christian Rountree says she will take her property back no questions asked.



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    Christian ROundtree is making the best of her life following a freak accident that left her in a wheelchair.


    Good news - the stolen van has been returned. Police got a call Tuesday morning telling them the van had been spotted around the corner from the house from which is was stolen. The wheelchair was in the back. The only that was missing was a set of extra keys, so the owner said the first thing she will do is change the locks.


    A young woman in Vallejo had her dreams taken away because her mode of transportation was taken away.
    Christian Rountree desperately needs her van back. She has been a quadriplegic for two years after a freak car accident that left her paralyzed so her vehicle is her only way to get places.

    "I bust my butt trying to get a van trying to get anything I needed in life. I had to bust my butt from the time I had the accident until now," Roundtree said.

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    Return it, no questions asked. That's the plea tonight from a quadriplegic Vallejo woman who had her lifeline, her specialized wheelchair-equipped van, stolen right from her driveway. She's been left with no way to...
    (Published Tuesday, March 6, 2012)

    She says her brother noticed it was gone early Sunday morning while it was parked in the driveway in front of her home on Grant Street in South Vallejo.

    Before the accident, Roundtree was a competitive softball player for a small Christian college in Oakland and she enjoyed modeling. Now she is focused on becoming a math teacher.
    "I can be in a wheelchair and still teach math. There’s no problem. My voice isn’t gone," Roundtree said.
    But her precious van is. Her father brought the wheelchair equipped vehicle for her from a friend only two months ago. The thieves took it, along with her manual wheelchair and her books.

    Now she just wants it back.

    The van is a 1994 Blue Dode Caravan license plate number 6TKK404.

    If you see it, contact the Vallejo Police Department.