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Quora's Q&A Service Surging



    Quora's Q&A Service Surging

    What leads startups to gain momentum and audience? (Waits for experts to reply...)

    That's the question and answer model that is Quora -- the once-thought-dead and now-surging Silicon Valley startup. Some, like the Business Insider, are 'bullish.'

    In April, Quora was considered hot and got an $86M valuation to get going. In June, it launched -- still considered hot. By winter, it was considered in trouble. And now? Now it's surging with users, gaining followers and garnering write-ups all over the techosphere. Tipping point?

    CNet crows that Twitter is the most recent example of adoptive success: 

    [The] site co-founded by two early Facebook employees, Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever, with users reporting litanies of new followers that they haven't seen since Twitter's youth...

    References around the web about Quora still sound like early-adopters and high-level tech industry types who are playing with a new, somewhat elite, toy.
    Some other services have been around, helping answer questions that Google can't.
    Aardvark (at vark.com), has been around a while -- owned by Google -- and has a Q&A model based on your already existing contacts and friends. Moreover, Vark delivers answers over instant messaging -- instantaneous convenience and value.

    What warrants darling-hood in Silicon Valley and how long does it last? (Waits for answers...)