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Rachel Maddow Remembers Her Bay Area Roots

MSNBC hosts has fond memories of San Francisco's Dolors



    Rachel Maddow Remembers Her Bay Area Roots
    Bay Area product and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow remembers her roots.

    Bay Area girl Rachel Maddow has done well for herself since leaving the Bay Area in 1995.

    After being raised in Castro Valley and graduating from Stanford, the MSNBC political commentator went on to earn her PHD from the University of Oxford.

    Since then she has gone on to host a prime time cable television show and a radio show, all while living on the East Coast.

    But the Bay Area girl has not forgotten her roots.

    SFist points to an interview with Vanity Fair conducted with Maddow in this month's issue as proof.

    The left-leaning commentator was asked about her favorite journey, and she responded with a very Bay Area answer:

    The J-Church Muni line up to the top corner of Dolores Park, at 20th and Church, in San Francisco. And then turning around, for the view.