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Vandals Tag SF Homes with Racial Slurs

Racist graffiti found at several San Francisco homes



    Vandals Tag SF Homes with Racial Slurs
    Getty Images / Bruno Vincent

    Police are making a disturbing discovery at one San Francisco neighborhood.

    According to the San Francisco Examiner, vandals spraypainted the offensive racial epithets at several homes in the Sunset District Sunday morning. The graffiti found at locations between 23rd Avenue and Lincoln Street. Police say only a few homes were hit, but it has not given the total number.   Investigators are looking to see if the tags were racially motivated.

    According to the City's Department of Public Works, more than $20-million is spent annually on graffiti removal. The agency is asking homeowners and businesses to report graffiti vandalism as soon as possible. It will forward the tags to a police database and remove the vandalism on public property.   Property owners may be charged for the service, but there are programs in several neighborhoods who will do it for free.  

    In the Castro and Upper Market Districts for instance, patrols sweep through neighborhoods and remove any graffiti it finds.