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Calif. Radiation Levels Not Elevating



    Calif. Radiation Levels Not Elevating

    UPDATE: A release from the United Way - Bay Area guides users/viewers to call 211 for local radiation information:

    Residents in the San Francisco Bay Area, who are concerned about radiation from Japan’s nuclear emergency can call 211 for updated information. 

    Currently, the Bay Area’s departments of public health are emphasizing that there is no danger to Bay Area residents from Japan’s nuclear emergency. They also discourage taking potassium iodide, which can have serious side effects and should not be taken unless recommended.

    Residents are discouraged from calling 911 unless they are experiencing a life-threatening emergency. During times of disaster, the 211 helplines provide critical information to local residents, relieving 911 operators from answering non-emergency calls.


    Federal, regional and local officials are all singing one song: California residents need not fear harmful radiation emissions from Japan.

    The Bay Area Air Quality Management site concurs: "To date, all measurements in the Bay Area are within normal background levels. The US EPA and the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission have indicated that there are no harmful levels of radiation expected in the United States."

    "It would take a much larger blast than what has occured for radiation from the power plant to get into the jet stream," the Bay's Air District director of technical services Eric Stevenson said.

    "Even if it were to happen, we still expect radiation moving west would dissipate before reaching California shores. It is very unlikely that the radiation from the tragedy in Japan will impact the United States."

    In addition, Radnet is a tracking site for national radiation levels and is updated regularly. The NRC site also updates, if users wish to cross-reference to allay their fears.