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Raiders Back to LA? Rumor Machine Running Full Steam



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    The death of Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis has cast a cloud over the team.

    The greatness of the Raiders could mean a return to Los Angeles. Or the City of Industry. Or a shared stadium with the San Francisco 49ers.

    The death of longtime owner Al Davis has put a cloud of uncertainty over the Oakland Raiders' future in the East Bay, according to Bay Area News Group. The future of the NFL in California is uncertain, but almost definitely will include LA, as multiple stadium plans are in the works in Southern California, though all without teams.

    Rumors that the Raiders, whose lease on Coliseum ends in 2013, could move back to LA and occupy a new stadium built near the LA Convention Center or in the City of Industry began to fly as soon as Davis, 82, died on Saturday.

    The flamboyant and eccentric Mr. Davis turned down an offer to move the team to LA earlier in the year because the deal included selling a stake in the team. However, now that Davis's son Mark runs the team, all speculation is on the table.

    Davis is rumored to have scoffed at a deal to share a stadium with the 49ers, but he did want a new venue for the team, according to the newspaper.

    The stadium deal approved by Santa Clara voters includes a provision for the billion-dollar field to be shared by two teams. Meanwhile, officials in the East Bay are in conversation with the Raiders to either build a new field there or keep the team in Oakland, the newspaper reported.

    Both Raiders and 49ers team officials declined to comment on the possibility of the teams sharing a field.