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Raiders Fan Shot at Cardinal Game Case of Self-Defense: Cops

Man lost an eye in the shooting that is being called self-defense.



    Raiders Fan Shot at Cardinal Game Case of Self-Defense: Cops
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    The shooting happened during this August 17 football game between the Cardinals and the Raiders.

    We are learning more about a shooting outside the Raiders vs. Cardinals fooball game in Arizona earlier this month.

    Investigators in Glendale, AZ said the victim was a Raiders fan wearing silver make up. They said the shooter was a former cop who was packing.

    Michael Horan, 57, may have shot Chris Knight, 29, in self-defense, according to police.

    "From what investigators have gathered so far in the way of interviews and evidence on scene, there is the potential of a self-defense issue on the part of Horan, who fired his handgun once during the interaction," the police statement read.

    Horan and his wife were leaving the stadium prior to the end of the game and had some kind of confrontation with Knight after they got to their car.  Police did not say what sparked the conflict, but said it was not fan based, meaning they were not fighting because they supported different teams.
    Horan is a former police officer, according to police. He called 911 after the shooting and stayed with Knight until help arrived.

    Knight's family told an Arizona newspaper that the bullet pierced his eye which had to be removed. They are pleading for people to donate to help pay his medical bills, because he does not have insurance.

    Police said in the moments before the shooting, people had complained to parking lot employees about a man with silver face-paint causing a disturbance.

    Police said Horan was not "impaired," but said there was the possiblity of  Knight being impaired.

    As a matter of standard practice, the report will soon be submitted to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for review and the determination on any appropriate charges.