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Raiders Take Practice to the Pool



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    Oakland Raiders defensive back Walter McFadden, right, lifts teammate, offensive tackle Bruce Campbell, during an aquatic workout with teammates Thursday, May 26, 2011 in Lawrenceville, Ga.

    The Oakland Raiders have taken the practice off of the field and into the pool.

    Defensive lineman Richard Seymour has organized his teammate to work out together in Atlanta as the NFL continues its lockout.

    Thursday, Seymour had the players take the practice into the swimming pool to stay in shape.

    About 25 players participated in the pool session, including rookie center Stefen Wisniewski.

    "It's crazy. I haven't even been out (to Oakland) because the lockout ended the day I was drafted," Wisniewski told the Sporting News. "So it's a blessing that Jason (Campbell) has been here to go over the blocking schemes and stuff like that. Getting on the field has been great."

    The players are also studying blocking schemes and other aspects of the playbook together with the help of Campbell and other veteran offensive players.