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Rain and Sewage Bad Mix for North Bay Workers



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    Sewage spills happen.  When they do they have to be cleaned up.

    Somebody's got to do it, but when you are that somebody, you probably start to rethink your career choice.

    It happened yesterday in the North Bay.  A 14 inch force main, which is only used in stormy weather, ruptured.

    Sausalito sanitation workers went to work doing what they do with spilled poo.

    Crews worked in the pounding rain and heavy winds to plug the leak.   They now have a temporary fix in place they think will hold through the rainy season.

    The Sausalito-Marin City Sanitation District told Bay City News that the line broke Monday morning in the area of 10 Liberty Ship Way.
    The leak caused 150 feet of pavement to lift near the intersection of Marinship Avenue and Liberty Ship Way.
    It's not known how much toilet water leaked into nearby storm drains, but 2,000 gallons was recovered and returned to the sewage system, according to officials.