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Community Rallies for Teens



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    A news conference and rally will be held on the steps of the Mission Delores Church in San Francisco today, asking Immigration & Customs Enforcement to halt the deportation of two DREAM Act-eligible students. 18-year old Elizabeth Lee and her 16-year old brother Felix are scheduled to be sent back to Peru on January 19.

    Elizabeth graduated with honors from Lowell High School, and went on to attend UC Berkeley. Felix is also an excellent student. The teens were brought to the country 10 years ago and have no real connection with Peru.

    Members of the community and Lowell High School are rallying to push the ICE to grant an addition stay for the pair, along with their mother who is also slated to be deported.  Lowell High School Principal Andrew Ishibashi stated in a press release,

    "As I reflect on the many students and families I have assisted throughout my career as a teacher and administrator throughout Southern California and now the Bay Area, this case hurts me the most due to the extraordinary potential of both Elizabeth and Felix," 

    Ishibashi also added, "After working so hard to achieve a better future, returning Elizabeth, Felix, and their mother to Peru will begin another nightmare."

    The rally begins this afternoon at 1:30pm at the Mission Delores Church.