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VIDEO: Woman Nabs Phone Video of Alleged Attacker

An alleged Oakland sexual assault victim has provided police with a description of her attacker: a picture of the alleged assailant.



    The Oakland police are hoping a women's quick grab of her call phone to record a man in the midst of robbing her home will help them catch him. (Published Thursday, June 9, 2011)

    In this home invasion, police have a suspect. The alleged attacker was caught on film -- by his victim.

    Oakland police are seeking a suspected rapist, of whom they have a very good description. A North Oakland woman captured his image on her cell phone video camera following his burglarizing of her home and a sexual assault upon her person.

    The alleged rapist, described as a black man in his 40s, broke into the home sometime on Tuesday morning with the intent to rob it, according to police. The woman, who lives alone, was raped at some point following the break-in. She called police, who arrived after the suspect had left -- but she managed to record a cell phone video of her attacker as he left the house with some of her electronic devices, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    She turned the video over to the media so that the suspect would be identified more quickly and have a harder time attacking other women, the newspaper reported.

    It's very rare for a victim of a rape to capture video of his or her attacker following the attack -- this is the first case of its kind in Oakland, police said.

    Here's the official description of the suspect: a black man in his early 40s, about 5-feet-9 inches tall, weighing 160 pounds, with a thin build, a bald head and a medium complexion. He was wearing a blue-and-white T-shirt and bluejeans. The woman did not know him and he may live in the area, police said.

    Anyone with information may call police at 510-637-0298 or Crime Stoppers at 510-777-8572 and 510-777-3211.