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Rattlesnake Bites on Rise in California

Rattlesnake bites have increased by 50 percent in California.



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    Rattle snake bites are on the rise in California.

    This year is shaping up to be a "record" year for rattlesnake bites, with 48 percent jump in fanged attacks on humans this spring, according to reports.

    From April to June, 184 rattlesnake bites were reported to the state Poison Control, the Marin Independent Journal reported. There were 124 such bites during the same time frame last year, the newspaper reported.

    Warm weather brings out snakes, according to experts. The wet winter also produce a spike in the snake population, as more snakes survived the winter.

    People can be bit by sunning snakes "anywhere where they are rocks," the newspaper reported. Snakes also like to hide in tall grass and wood piles.

    The state sees about 300 bites per year, the newspaper reported.