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Recall Efforts Spur Quan To Get Tough on Occupy Oakland

No more Ms. Nice Mayor. Jean Quan is getting tough on Occupy Oakland. Finally.



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    Was it scenes like this or scenes like the recall petitions being organized that led Oakland mayor Jean Quan to be through with Occupy?

    No more Mrs. Nice Mayor.

    After a tumulutuous fall, in which business leaders and police honchos have criticized her leadership during the Occupy Oakland imbroglio -- which has cost Oakland up to $3 million in police salaries, according to sources, and led to multiple efforts to recall the first-year mayor -- Mayor Jean Quan is fighting back.

    Against Occupy Oakland, that is.

    The mayor -- who initially allowed the tent city to take over Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of City Hall before ordering police to take it down -- is now adopting a hard-line stance on the Occupy movement, according to the Bay Citizen.

    The tent city is gone, but alive this week was the movement's takeover of the Port of Oakland. The mayor, who initially used terms like "We are the 99 percent" when addressing the issue, blasted the Occupy movement in impromptu remarks on Monday, saying, "they don't know who they're hurting."

    Or maybe they do. They're hurting her, for one: Quan's "indecisiveness" over how to handle the Occupy question has fueled the fire to recall her from office, according to Oakland citizens.