Record Heat in Bay Area Today - NBC Bay Area

Record Heat in Bay Area Today

The weather is breaking records on the fourth day of January.



    Mostly Clear Start & Near Record Warmth Wednesday

    Meteorologist Christina Loren has your warm January forecast. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012)

    Four days into 2012 and weather records are already being broken. 

    We are talking about record highs in January. Places like Gilroy and Fairfield will hit the 70s.

    Could this be a sign of what to look forward to for the rest of the year? Or maybe a sign of the impending apocalypse the Mayans predicted for the end of this year? Stay tuned.

    Nevertheless, Wednesday's highs are expected to be off the charts in the Bay Area.

    Previous records for cities in the area include:

    • Santa Rosa: 63* in 2006
    • Napa: 62* in 2006
    • San Francisco: 67* in 1934
    • Oakland Airport: 66* in 2006, Livermore: 67* in 2958
    • San Jose: 66* in 1902

    NBC Bay Area meteorologist Christina Loren says it'll be warmer here, than in Miami today. (Be sure to use that weather fact around the water cooler at work.)