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Red Jetta Possibly Connected to Sierra LaMar

Red Jetta possibly linked to Sierra LaMar case.



    Investigators are hoping to talk to the person seen driving a red Jetta in connection to the disappearance of Sierra LaMar. (Published Monday, May 7, 2012)

    The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office released a photograph of a 1990s-era red Jetta with a black hood on Monday, saying that a similar car could possibly be linked to the mysterious disappearance of Sierra LaMar.

    And in another development, detectives said that the empty handcuff box and used condoms found in a field near the 15-year-old's home are not related to her disappearance, based on lab results.

    Sgt. Jose Cardoza said some surveillance video footage of the four-door car is not a "100 percent" match to the one in regards to the Morgan Hill teen. But it's the closest car detectives could find to show the public in the hopes of drumming up any new information on Sierra. She has been missing since March 16, when she was last seen heading off to the bus stop, but never showed up to Sobrato High School.

    Just how, or if, this Jetta is related to her disappearance hasn't been revealed, other than a similar looking car was seen near "where some evidence was found," Cardoza said. He wouldn't elaborate whether it was spotted near where the teen's clothes and cell phone were found. Also, the surveillance video does not give a clear picture of the car's driver, and at this point, detectives don't believe the teen was inside the car at the time.

    Investigators also checked with the family, who didn't recognize the Jetta.

    Detectives are hoping that the sight of it may jog someone's memory. Cardoza said it took "weeks" of interviews with witnesses and reviews of surveillance video to come up with this particular car.

    Anyone with information on this case should contact sheriff's investigators at
    408- 808-4500 or the anonymous tip line at 408- 808-4431. There is also a designated email for tips on Sierra's case:

    Sierra LaMar's Mom Talks About Car Clue

    [BAY] Raw Video: Sierra LaMar's Mom Talks About Car Clue
    Marlene LaMar has a personal request for everyone in the viewing area. Keep an eye out for a red Jetta with a black hood.
    (Published Monday, May 7, 2012)

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