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Registering a Stolen Cab Will Get You Nabbed



    Registering a Stolen Cab Will Get You Nabbed

    After stealing a car, you usually want to stay on the down-low for a while. And you definitely don't want to show up at the DMV, then try to register the stolen car in your name, using forged documents.

    But that's exactly what 26-year-old Jermaine Grosse did with a bright yellow taxi over the weekend.

    Grosse was released from an involuntary psychiatric hold at the Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center on Saturday, the Contra Costa Times reports.

    He shared a taxi with a woman who was also released from an involuntary hold. She was going to Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo.

    When the taxi got there, Grosse asked the driver to get out and help the woman unload her luggage. Then Grosse jumped behind the wheel and took off in the yellow 2003 Dodge minivan.

    He was cruising until Monday morning, when he decided to visit the El Cerrito Department of Motor Vehicles to register his new ride.

    The DMV employee wasn't fooled by Grosse's forged paperwork and called the police right away. Grosse tried to run, but he was caught and arrested on suspicion of auto theft and forgery. He was booked at the County Jail in Martinez.