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Reiser 'Dancing on a Woman's Grave': Attorney



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    Jodi Hernandez
    Hans Reiser was convicted of murdering his wife. His children are suing him in a wrongful death suit for $25 million.

    Twenty-five million dollars: that's what an attorney is asking an East Bay jury to award Hans Reiser's children for the pain and suffering they've endured because their dad killed their mom.

    In closing statements attorney Arturo Gonzalez emphasized what a great mother Nina Reiser was. He pointed out the trips, birthday parties and sleepovers she made sure her kids took part in.

    "She did everything a mom should do while studying to be a doctor," said Gonzalez.

    He blasted Reiser for "dancing on a woman's grave" by attemptig to rationalize the killing.

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    "There is no rational explanation," he said.

    Gonzalez says losing a mother is priceless but he asked the jury to award each child $10 million. He asked for an additional $5 million in punitive damages, money he said the kids will split.

    But Hans Resier claims he's broke. He argued in court he cannot work in prison because of medical reasons. Reiser says he broke both legs years ago and cannot sit for long periods of time without discomfort and pain.

    However he offered to sign over his computer software business to his children.

    "If the children were working with me I believe it would be possible for the three of us to make money," said Reiser. The kids' attorney says the children have no desire to ever see their father again.

    He urged the jury to find the truth. He says the truth is "none of us should be here (in court)."

    Holding up photos of Nina and her children, Gonzales concluded by telling jurors, "Nina should be here."

    Hans Reiser will present his closing argument on Monday.