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Religious Rally Targets Contraception

'Get the government out of our church.'



    Religious Rally Targets Contraception

    Under the new health care bill insurers are required to provide free contraception to workers, which, at religiously affiliated businesses, raises concerns and ire.

    At a rally in San Francisco many religious groups and religion-minded people protested against the provision, telling the San Jose Mercury News, "Yes, get the government out of our church."

    Churches are exempt -- in a deal that followed the initial furor over the Obama administration rules -- but some provide services to the public, and are only religiously affiliated. And that's a sticking point for many.

    Orphanages and clinics are held up as examples of a church's work that goes beyond the church building itself.

    The contraception requirement has its backers, as well. Women's groups have praised the requirement as necessary for healthy, population control and invidividual rights.