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Report: Two Oakland City Councilmembers Violate Charter

Two Oakland City Council members are in trouble.



    Audit Accuses Oakland Officials of Interference

    Courtney Ruby says her audit proves Oakland City Council president Larry Reid and member Desley Brooks have been breaking the law by directing staff to push a $2 million dollar demolition contract at the Oakland Army base toward Turner Group Construction. Cheryl Hurd reports. (Published Friday, March 22, 2013)

    An Oakland City Councilwoman broke the law 12 different times when negotiating a city contract, and another member of the council broke rules while fighting a parking ticket, according to reports.

    The malfeasance was revealed via an audit released to the San Francisco Chronicle. The audit found that Councilman Desley Brooks committed "political interference" 12 times, and Larry Reid and his aide each did the deed once.

    Read the auditor's full report

    The findings are "so serious" that the report will be passed onto the District Attorney and the Fair Political Practices Commission for possible charges.

    Brooks and Reid both denied any wrongdoing, and said that the auditor performed a "poor" and "biased" job, the newspaper reported.

    Both of the council members "interfered" in the contract involving the redevelopment of the Oakland Army Base. The audit states that they "favored" one bidder, Turner Construction Group, for a $2 million contract.

    Most of the violations stemmed from the opening of a school in East Oakland, and found that Brooks interfered with city workers.