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Residents Wary of Cellphone Radiation



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    How are you enjoying your radiation bath?

    Everyone on Earth is constantly bathed in swaths of radiation. Many forms are harmless -- for example, radio waves. But less is known about the effect of cellphone radiation, which is why various community organizations have balked at the installation of towers around their homes.

    In Emeryville, a group of parents was so concerned about plans to install cell towers near an elementary school that they raised $1,000 to appeal the construction. That appeal was denied, and now Verizon has the thumbs-up from the city to install antennas next to the school.

    A march is scheduled for Friday to protest the company's plans.

    The parents also plan to conduct a health study to identify the risks of cell towers. But they may have a difficult time: according to some researchers, cell towers expose people to less radiation that simply using a phone. It's still a very new technology, however, and further research is necessary to determine just what effect the towers might have.

    We won't truly know the long-term effects of exposure until a long amount of time has passed. In other words, check back in 30 years.

    Meanwhile, in Walnut Creek, a proposed moratorium on new cell towers is on hold. City council members want to see more details on how the moratorium would work, and are concerned that it might be illegal.