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Restaurant Regular Saves Cupertino Coffee Shop



    Janet Dancer says she always wanted to own her own business, but her late husband never thought the timing was right. Perhaps it wasn't the time that was never right, just the place. (Published Friday, March 22, 2013)

    Oh, if these waffles could talk.

    Bobbi's Coffee Shop opened up in Cupertino in 1969. That was back in the day when the South Bay grew the fruit that fed the country, long before it developed the technology that changed the world.

    A lot has changed in Cupertino since then.

    One thing that hasn't changed, though, is the loyalty people have shown to Bobbi's. Be it an apricot farmer or software engineer, people have been filling up the booths, the stools, and the tables at the old-school diner, feasting on bacon, eggs, and burgers for decades.

    But that was all about to come to an end last year. The current owner had lost her lease and the Cupertino institution was closed.

    It would have stayed that way were it not for a special woman - Janet Dancer - with a special connection to her favorite restaurant.

    Watch Garvin Thomas' story above.