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Reward Grows to $18,000 in German Shepherd Abuse Case



    Reward Grows to $18,000 in German Shepherd Abuse Case
    This is the surveillance video of the dog being dropped off

    A reward has now grown to $18,000 leading to information as to who would have dumped a German Shepherd in "rotting" condition last week at an Oakland shelter, where the dog eventually died.

    The horrific case of "Marlo" has galvanized pet lovers and animal rights organizations. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals issued a $10,000 reward this week, and Friends of Oakland Animal Services, Pet Food Express, the Animal Legal Defense Fun and private donors have ponied up another $8,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the abuse.

    The shepherd, nicknamed "Marlo,"  was left for dead outside the Oakland Animal Shelter on May 30.

    She was emaciated and had a chain and cord wrapped around her neck and legs so tightly that they were embedded in her skin. Her wounds were infested with maggots. Her bones had protruded through her skin, and her organs were beginning to shut down.

    Abused Dog Dumped at Shelter

    [BAY] Abused Dog Dumped at Shelter
    A severely injured and abused German Shepherd was dumped in front of the Oakland Animal Shelter. Authorities are working to find who is responsible for putting the dog in such a horrible condition. Cheryl Hurd reports.
    (Published Friday, May 31, 2013)

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    Oakland Animal Services Director David Cronin showed Marlo to NBC Bay Area last week as the dog lay in obvious pain during her final hours. A retired police officer, Cronin said this is one of the worst abuse cases he has seen during his nine years serving in and out of the shelter.

    Hours after she was left on the steps of the shelter, Marlo was euthanized on a veterinarian's recommendation. PETA said a necropsy revealed that she had been attempting to keep herself alive by eating sticks and dirt.

    Although police have recovered surveillance video that could reveal who abandoned the dog at the shelter, no arrests have been made, and the investigation is ongoing.

    Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Oakland Police Department at 510-777-3333.