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Reward Offered for Engagement Ring Lost on Santa Cruz Beach



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    Tiffany Holland
    Photo taken by the family during its visit to Rio del Mar State Beach on June 15, 2016.

    A Sacramento woman is hoping the Santa Cruz community and the power of Facebook will help her recover the engagement ring she lost Wednesday at Rio del Mar State Beach.

    Photo credit: Tiffany Holland

    Tiffany Holland lost her ring while vacationing in Santa Cruz for the weekend with her husband, Nathan, and two children. The couple has spent hours searching for the ring to no avail.

    The Holland family had stopped at the beach to look for tidepools for their children to play in and snap some photos of nearby monuments.  When they got back to their car, it was clear that something was missing.

    "My husband and I both looked down at my hand and knew," Holland said.  "My stomach just dropped."

    The family then attempted to retrace its steps, but by then the sand had blown over the footprints. Holland believes she may have lost the ring when she kept going in and out of her pockets trying to keep her hands warm.

    On the way home, Holland sent a message to the Santa Cruz County Facebook page, which then posted her message and shared it with all of their followers.

    "We are so thankful for the community’s support," Holland said.

    Holland has had the ring for 16 years.  "That ring symbolizes a bridge from a troubled past to a really promising future," she said. "This is also the message that we want to share with our kids -- that even in the toughest of times, there can be hope."

    Tiffany Holland
    Photo credit: Tiffany Holland

    She emphasizes that although the ring is currently priced at around $700, the monetary value pales in comparison to the sentimental meaning it holds for her family.

    "This is the ring that started our love," Holland said. "To have that back would be priceless for us."

    The couple is offering a $300 reward for the ring’s return.

    Tiffany and Nathan Holland can be reached at