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Richmond Gang Rape Trial Begins

Brutal details of 16-year old's gang rape given in court Monday.



    Richmond Gang Rape Trial Begins
    A bulletin asking for witnesses of the October 2009 gang rape that occurred at a homecoming dance in Richmond to come forward. The trial began Monday.

    The men accused of gang-raping a nearly-unconscious 16-year old in Richmond four years ago left a "collection of horrors," and one of the nearly 20 "young men who may have participated in the attack or watched" without calling police used the girl's cell phone to call her father, and inform him that "his daughter had performed well sexually," according to reports.

    The ghastly details of the alleged Oct. 24, 2009 sexual assault were outlined in court on Monday, with two men facing "gang-rape allegations that could send them to prison for the rest of their lives," according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Seven men were initially charged in the Richmond High School gang-rape case. Two men, Manuel Ortega and Ari Morales, accepted plea deals that included prison terms of 32 years and 27 years, respectively. Monday's opening arguments were given in the case of Marcelles Peter, 20, of Pinole. More statements were due Tuesday in the case of defendant Jose Montano, 22, of Richmond, the newspaper reported.

    The men were part of the group of people who reportedly lured the girl, then 16, to the darkened courtyard where she was plied with brandy, the newspaper reported.

    She was "punched, kicked and dragged," assaulted with a walkie-talkie, urinated on, and passers-by on the street were invited to join in.

    She remembers nothing of the attack -- she had a blood-alcohol content four times the legal limit -- but she may be called to testify. She has not been identified.

    She was found by police underneath a picnic table, scratched and bruised and naked, the newspaper reported. Nearby, a used condom was found.

    Ortega and Morales are expected to testify in the case.